Pre-Studies Program (PSP) Professional Med

Master of Medical Administration (MMA) Clinical Management

How to apply?

PSP Professional Med + MMA is a three years academic program at FHM University. This program is designed for academically qualified foreigners who strive for career in a German medical facility.

Study part 1: PSP Professional Med

PSP Professional Med is a one year foundation program at FHM University. During the first year students get trained in Basic and Medical German Language, Intercultural Competency, Job Application Skills and Hospital Simulation. At the end of PSP Professional Med students doing their final language examination in Medical German B2-C1.

Study part 2: MMA Clinical Management

MMA is a two years part time Master program at FHM University. During the two years students are working as an assistant doctor in a German hospital and studying at FHM Campus at the time (blended learning). Working in a hospital students get practical knowledge and professional experiences. At FHM Campus students get trained in professional medical skills, business skills and personal skills. At the end of MMA students doing their master thesis. 

Study part 1 - Modules

  • Major Module: German Language, Medical Terminology
  • Minor Modules: Intercultural Training, Job Application Training & Hospital Simulation

Study part 2 - Modules

  • Medical skills: Applied Medicine, Medical devices, Medical information systems
  • Business skills: Medical Business Studies, Medical Law, Management in healthcare industry
  • Personal skills: Intercultural communication, Optional module I: Medical terminology, Optional module II: International healthcare systems
  • Research: Study in practice, Empirical Study, Practice transfer project work

Job opportunities after the program

  • Medical Doctor at a German hospital (after having passed the approbation examination)
  • Medical office
  • Clinical Management/ Controlling
  • Consulting
  • Quality Management
  • Health Insurance
  • Pharma Industry
  • Medical Journalism
  • Public Health
  • Medical Manager


Tobias Zrowotke

Tobias Zrowotke, M.A.

Leiter International Office
Fon: +49 30 259236324

Mandeep Singh
Application Management
Fon: +49 176 41502429