XRforPed goes ITB Berlin

Why is immersive literacy so important for the development of digital competences in modern learning settings?

The learning outcomes are for sure:

  • awareness raising withing learners regarding the progressive importance of digitalized teaching in different settings,
  • development of a sense of self-responsibility for further education (beyond obligatory education and training … especially, because there digitalisation of teaching yet hardly exists!)
  • knowledge of the main forms of immersive technologies and correct use of key technical terms
  • raising awareness of possible barriers to the use of VR in learning ... and how to overcome them
  • positive attunement to the further training course and promotion of learners’ interest and motivation.

And immersive literacy is not relevant only for school. All fields and processes of vocational training or further education focus more than before digital based learning environments with concepts and techniques of virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual virtuality and extended reality.

Therefore the ITB Berlin was a very good dissemination place to openly discuss innovative experiences with immersive literacy.

For the EACEA-Projekt “XRforPed” Prof. Dr. Torsten Fischer took part in the discussion as a representative of the international partnership. The meeting took place on March 7th in Berlin.