XRforPed – EACEA-Project with a Pilot-Training in Berlin

The EACEA-Project XRforPed realised a pilot training in Berlin from March 23th to March 24th.

This pilot training should serve and develop so-called immersive competences and relevant skills in the area of digital literacy. Ten modules were the basis for the pilot training in the fields of virtual, augmented and extended reality.

The introductory lecture on the topic immersive literacy was given by Prof. Fischer. Application examples such as „Fantasia“ were presented by Mrs. Wenzel. And complex environments for the fields of virtual, augmented and extended reality were presented by Prof. Domann in the context of digital learning processes and complex presentation techniques.

The participants and learners were exclusively social pedagogues and educators from private and public educational institutions. Certainly, the participants made great progress during the training in terms of technical equipment and learning contents.

Furthermore, the participants expressed during the training their point of view that in particular the programs of extended reality can open up new opportunities for effective and future learning settings. On the other hand it was viewed critically that the possibilities of schools and other educational institutions are very limited and the capacities are not adequate to all needs of immersive learning.

But not least, the training was great fun for all participants and trainers.