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SMEs stand for high-quality products, innovative strength, sustainable management and impressive economic performance. But they also face fundamental challenges: The international integration of the economy is continuously increasing and intensifying competition. Technological transformation and disruptive innovations necessitate an increased capacity for innovation and also require new, agile forms of leadership and collaboration. Intercultural competencies must be developed, while at the same time companies must protect themselves against entirely new risks. Numerous medium-sized, locally based companies are faced with the task of successfully managing the increasing globalization of their business activities and the associated challenges.

Germany stands for a strong economy internationally, with its extremely successful and sustainable SMEs forming the backbone. The M.A. Global SME Management programme imparts the leadership competences that are necessary to advance the globalisation of a medium-sized company. The programme focuses on fields of action and success factors of globally successful SMEs, such as strategic and sustainability management, technology management, corporate & cyber security, market intelligence & big data, virtual & agile leadership, intercultural skills, negotiation techniques, entrepreneurship and succession management.

Study the M.A. Global SME Management now at the FHM – University of Applied Sciences as distance learning study program.

All details on your courses of study!

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Credit Points: 90
Location: Online-University/Germany
Lenth of course: 2 years (6 trimesters) incl. a 12-week practice phase
Tuition fees: 335,00€ per month


October (application deadline: July 1st)

Course language: English
Academic requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree or higher
  • English Language B2


Information about the study program
M.A. Global SME Management

For whom?

You have already successfully completed a business degree, are now working in the SME sector and want to prepare your next career step towards a management position? Then the Master's degree program Global SME offers you a unique opportunity to realize this goal in a part-time, practical and professional way!
In addition to commitment and a talent for planning and controlling corporate processes and projects, you enjoy taking on responsibility.
With regard to your future management function, your entrepreneurial thinking and actions will help you to consider alternatives, develop solutions to problems and make decisions.
You are also communicative and a team player. Whether employees, business partners or customers - your enjoyment of dealing with people will be just as important in the future as your ability to adapt flexibly to new professional situations. For example, you will be responsible for guiding team members, conducting negotiations and building customer loyalty.
You may have studied business administration, marketing management or a degree with a business focus. Now you would like to build on the knowledge and practical experience you have gained and intensively deal with the needs and requirements of medium-sized businesses in order to further qualify yourself at a high level to take on a management position, for example in the area of personnel or sales. Or maybe you want to become self-employed or think about taking over a medium-sized company as part of a succession plan.
In this case, the master's degree program in Global SMEs is also an excellent basis for your professional future with the possibility of in-depth further qualification, for example in the context of a doctorate.

Potential future fields of application

The Global SME Management (M.A.) degree program, which is unique in Germany, covers topics that are highly relevant for international SMEs, such as corporate entrepreneurship, design thinking, sustainability, cyber security, succession management and new work. The program therefore prepares its graduates for the challenges facing medium-sized businesses and qualifies them to provide the best possible support to their companies in managerial positions on the path to internationalization.

Possible fields of activity and employers are:

  •     Corporate management and development
  •     Sales management of a medium-sized company
  •     Controlling and financial management
  •     Human resources management and diversity management
  •     Marketing management
  •     Customer Relationship Management
  •     Project Management
  •     Market and economic research
  •     Consulting activities in medium-sized or large companies


Course contents

Small and medium-sized enterprises need managers who are familiar with the structures and requirements of the small and medium-sized economy and who can professionally develop the performance and value creation of SMEs. Because of this, the FHM – University of Applied Sciences offers the only master's degree program in Germany that is specifically focused on the unique needs of medium-sized companies. The Master Global SME Management program combines general economic topics with SME-specific contents and the acquisition of leadership and management skills in a very unique way.
In the course of your studies, you will gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of SME management, with a special emphasis on overarching aspects of corporate management, such as the lectures on the structure and economic position of SMEs in an international context, performance in SMEs, and technology and innovation management.
In addition, you specialize in the areas of Intercultural & Negotiation Management and Corporate & Cyber Security. Modules such as German SME & Globalization, Strategic SME Management & Sustainability, Global Marketing & Sales, Market Intelligence & Big Data Management, Agile Leadership & Virtual Collaboration enable you to competently support SMEs in recruiting, retaining and promoting specialists and executives.  
In addition, graduates have special expertise in the professional marketing of products and the long-term retention of customers.
Particularly managerial or consulting activities in medium-sized or large companies require not only pronounced economic competence but also social, communicative intelligence and the ability to apply the theoretically acquired specialist knowledge in practice.
This practical relevance and application orientation are integral components of the program. In case studies, discussions and in practical work experience, you will prepare yourself specifically for your chosen career. In addition, you will complete a three-day excursion in which concrete professional situations and decision-making processes will be addressed. 

Global SME & Innovation Management

  • German SME & Globalisation
  • Strategic SME Management & Sustainability
  • Corporate & Cyber Security
  • Technology & Innovation Management

Global Market Intelligence

  • Global Marketing & Sales (english)
  • Intercultural & Negotiation Management (english)
  • Market Intelligence & Big Data Management

New Work & Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship & Succession
  • Agile Leadership & Virtual Collaboration 

Research & Practice

  • Study in Practice (SiP) (english)
  • Business English (english)

How to apply?


With the consecutive master's degree program Global SME Management the FHM – University of Applied Sciences appeals to specialists and managers who work in the SME sector and want to prepare specifically for the next step in their career. You may have studied business administration, marketing management, human resources management or another degree program with business content. After graduating, you are working in a medium-sized company and would now like to further qualify yourself at a high level for the challenges of medium-sized business. Or maybe you want to become self-employed or are thinking about taking over a medium-sized company as part of a succession plan.

Irrespective of your individual motivation: If you would like to qualify for leadership positions and management activities or self-employment on the basis of your university studies and your professional experience, the master's program Global SME Management offers you the opportunity you need. Based on current scientific knowledge, the program imparts application-oriented knowledge and practice-relevant skills for all areas of SME management.

The formal prerequisite for admission to the master's program Global SME Management at FHM is a university degree.

How to apply for a study place at the FHM

  • Apply ONLINE directly or submit your written application documents to us.
  • If all formal requirements are fulfilled, you will receive a decision on admission to the program within 15 working days.
  • Once you have been admitted to the program, we will send you the registration documents and the study contract.


Thank you for your interest in our study programs! In order to apply at FHM – University of Applied Sciences, please fill in the contact form below. You do not need to upload your documents at this stage.

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