Pre-Studies Program (PSP) Classic

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PSP Classic is primarily designed for qualified international candidates who intend to enroll in a Bachelor's program in engineering, economics or health in Germany and whose secondary-school diploma does not qualify for direct access to a Bachelor’s program at a German university.

PSP Classic预科项目是FHM预科项目部针对所有想进入德国工科、商科或健康相关专业高校就读、但不具备直接申请德国大学资格的各国高中毕业生所开设的项目,该项目为学生提供优质的预科阶段教育项目,以帮助学生成功申请德国高校。

Studying at PSP Classic provides you with a solid academic foundation in the individual disciplines of engineering, economics and health. Specialized German courses will bring your language skills to an adequate level. Qualified lecturers and an excellent atmosphere will prepare you for studying at a German university. Graduates of PSP Classic are eligible to take the final examination (Feststellungsprüfung - FSP) at the end of the program.

PSP Classic预科项目为您准备了在工科、商科或健康相关方面专业的个性化课程,专门的德语课程会将您的语言水平提高到高校所需的水平。此外项目中还会对学生进行有重点的专业知识方面的培训和科学的学习方法的培养,以此保证该项目的毕业生在进入大学时学历和技能兼备。PSP Classic预科项目的毕业生将有资格参加预科项目最终考核(Feststellungsprüfung - FSP)。

PSP Classic adresses applicants from China, India, Vietnam, Iran, Taiwan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, Yemen and Bahrain.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Salmen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Salmen

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FSP - Final examination

Prospective foreign applicants who are not eligible for admission to a German university can qualify for admission by passing the “staatliche Feststellungsprüfung” (FSP).

The Bezirksregierung Köln (BRK) has commissioned the FHM Schwerin to perform the FSP as an external examination (“externe Feststellungsprüfung”).

  • The FSP examination takes place twice a year, either in January or in July at FHM University (depending on month of enrollment)
  • The FSP re-examination or re-take the complete PSP Classic program is possible once again
  • The FSP final certificate justifies for applying at FHM University and other private or public universities in Germany


  • "T-course" prepares for technical studies: Lessons in German, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • "W-course" prepares for economic studies: Lessons in German, Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and English
  • "M-course" prepares for health studies: Lessons in German, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

How to apply?

PSP Classic adresses applicants and interested from China, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen and Bahrain. The application procedure is organized via our cooperation partners. Please see the list below to choose the correct one for your home country:

Applicants from China and Vietnam are requested to include the APS Certificate as original document or had successfully passed the "Vereinfachtes APS-Verfahren" by FHM University.


  • PSP Classic students are accomodated in shared apartments with communal bedrooms, bathroomes and kitchens
  • Fully furnished with beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs and basic electronic equipment

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