Pre-Studies Program (PSP) Professional Med

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PSP Professional Med is a one year preparation program at FHM University primarily designed for academically qualified foreigners who intend to start working in a German medical facility and who are in need of advanced german language and medical terminology training. 



PSP Professional Med adresses applicants and interested who are planning a medical career in Germany without having respective and advanced knowledge of the German language and intercultural orientation.



Final examination

  • The final examinations take place twice a year, either in January or in July at FHM University (depending on month of enrollment)
  • The re-examination or re-take the complete PSP Professional Med program is possible once again
  • The final examination certificate enhances your career opportunities in Germany


  • Major Module: German Language, Medical Terminology
  • Minor Modules: Intercultural Training, Job Application Training & Hospital Simulation

How to apply?

PSP Professional Med application procedure is organized via our project manager Mr. Mandeep Singh.


    • Housing is not provided for PSP Professional students


    Tobias Zrowotke

    Tobias Zrowotke, M.A.

    Leiter Organisation FHM-Studienkolleg
    Fon: +49 (0)30. 259 236 324

    Mandeep Singh
    Application Management